Keeping your employees interested, motivated, and happy can be a feat in itself. Doing this during a pandemic? Well that’s even harder.

COVID-19 has been nothing short of stressful, and the holidays are the perfect time to get our minds off that. This can make a surprisingly big difference in your office.

The holidays are often either a very happy or very difficult time for most people. No matter how your employees are feeling at this time, giving holiday gifts is a great way to build your company culture, and you should take advantage of it!

Raising Morale

The holidays are extremely hectic and stressful. Add a pandemic in the mix and the holidays are likely to be chaotic and overwhelming as well.

During times like these, it is vital to make sure that morale in your company is high to ensure productivity. Holiday gifts are sure to boost the mood. Even if it is as simple as candy canes passed out, or as complex as specific, hand-picked gifts for each employee.

Regardless of the route you decide to go, you really can’t go wrong with holiday gifts. It often is the thought that counts, and the more thought that went into it the better.

Everyone loves festivities

Everyone loves to participate in the festivities when the holiday season rolls around. Even if you can’t have an office holiday party, giving out holiday gifts will remind employees that we’re all human.

The coronavirus has made everyday life feel very odd, which means we should take every opportunity we can to celebrate things like holidays. Giving out holiday gifts in your office is the perfect way to do this!

Handing out gifts will remind everyone that the holidays are supposed to be a happy time, and it will make them feel this way as well.

Show appreciation

Another reason that giving out holiday gifts will help build your company culture is that it will remind your employees that they are appreciated.

Doing this helps you acknowledge all that your employees do and the hard work they put in every day. Acknowledging this will motivate employees to keep up the hard work even in these difficult times.

Showing your employees that you appreciate them is something you should do regularly, and the holidays is the best time to do it. It can even have a negative effect if you don’t do anything special because it can make them feel that their work is going unnoticed.

If you can’t afford to do large gifts for your employees, consider buying cookies or cupcakes for everyone in the office. Even a small gesture like this can turn their entire day around and remind them of how happy the holidays are supposed to be. It’s all about the effort!

Form relationships

As mentioned earlier, the holidays for some can be lonely and remind people of those they’ve lost and are missing.

This can make it very hard to work through, pandemic or not, and it’s important to make those employees feel cared for, and form relationships with them.

Feeling isolated in the workplace makes things difficult, especially if the holidays make someone feel isolated outside of it as well. However, receiving a gift and knowing you’re thought about and appreciated makes a world of a difference, and can turn your entire day around.

This will help form beneficial relationships with your employees, which ultimately is great for your company culture and your business.

To really take advantage of this, it’s a great idea to have an office Christmas party and play games like dirty Santa or secret Santa.

Setting the tone in the office

Giving holiday gifts is also a great way to set a positive tone in the office for the holiday season. This is very beneficial for companies whose values include things like fun, teamwork, trust, balance, empowerment, and individuality.

As mentioned earlier, if you choose to have an office Christmas party where employees exchange holiday gifts, this can set a tone for teamwork and bonding.

This is especially great if your employees work in teams and need to be cohesive. It also encourages them to get to know each other better and bond in a non-stressful environment, further building your company culture!

Keep everyone connected

If your company is working virtually at this time, mailing holiday gifts to employees is the best way to make them feel connected even while distant.

Working from home feels isolating and it’s important that they still feel that they are being communicated with and cared for.

You can even send holiday gifts and have a virtual Zoom holiday party if you want to go the extra mile. This will allow employees to catch up and have a sense of normalcy this holiday season.

Well what do I get them?

Make sure to get your employees holiday gifts, but if you’re unsure what to get them, it isn’t as hard as you may think!

A great option is to mail or give them a holiday gift basket with holiday themed gifts. A basket with a custom company mug, hot chocolate mix, and candy canes are a great example of an option with relatively low costs.

If you want to give them something cozy, you can even opt for a custom company sweatshirt for employees. Giving one to each employee will instill a sense of cohesiveness and teamwork. They can wear it even when the holiday season is over!

Custom gifts for each employee will also make them feel acknowledged. You can get a custom mug from earlier, but put their initial on it instead, or even put a simple holiday message on it.

It’s all about the meaning!

There’s no reason to let the COVID-19 blues affect your company culture, and holiday gifts are the perfect opportunity to counteract that.

It’s not something to stress about because it can be as simple as a coffee mug, or a candy cane! The important thing to remember is that it’s all about the meaning behind it. Encouraged, and shown appreciation in this time to your employees.

If you’re still browsing holiday gift options, Perfect Imprints has plenty of custom options for you to choose from. Happy Holidays and Happy Gifting!