With the Holidays coming up, figuring out what to put in your stockings can feel overwhelming, there’s so many options! The good thing is, most stocking stuffers are great gifts and don’t break the bank. Here are some of our favorite stocking stuffers if you need some inspiration this December.

Something thoughtful

If you’re looking for something thoughtful to fill a stocking with, a commemorative ornament is a great idea! Commemorative ornaments can be personalized and reused on any Christmas tree for years to come. This is great for those who are sentimental and love to decorate.

Another thoughtful gift, though on the pricier side, is perfume or cologne. While these gifts come at a higher cost, they usually are high quality and appreciated. Perfumes and colognes will last a while for the receiver of your gift, and are the perfect size to fit in a stocking.

If you’re looking for a holiday related gift, but an ornament just doesn’t fit what you’re looking for, nothing says Merry Christmas like a snow globe! Like ornaments, these can also be personalized and have sentimental value. Also, who doesn’t love a good snow globe?

Something low cost

Here are some low cost items to fill a stocking! These items are often very easy to find, and will still be just as appreciated as a high-end stocking stuffer.

Sweets, or more specifically, candy canes are quick and easy stocking stuffers. They’re festive for the season, everyone loves them, and will fit easily in any size stocking. You’ll also find them at a low cost at almost any store this time of year.

More low cost gifts for your stockings are chapstick, hand creams, and other moisturizing products. Many people suffer from all types of dry skin in the harsh of the Winter, and these items are not only low cost, but they’re extremely useful this time of year.

Something playful

While we all love useful and fancy gifts, it’s a good idea to throw something playful in with your stocking stuffers as well.

Many women love to get a new nail polish color to try out. It’s small, different, and easily fits in the stocking as well. Nail polish also has a little more of a personalized feel because you’re picking out a color for the receiver of it.

Another playful item, literally, is card games! Often, you can find games like UNO, which is great for the entire family, or Cards Against Humanity, a more adult game, at any Walmart or Target. Not only can these be used for years, but it gives you a fun activity to do on Christmas day.

Something useful (and reusable)

A great, useful, and reusable gift is a mug – or even better, a custom mug! They’re perfect for your hot coffee or chocolate to warm you up on a cold Winter day. Putting a fun and silly message, or a thoughtful one, can even change the meaning of the gift, and again, this is something that actually fits in a stocking.

This may sound basic or even boring, but socks are actually amazing stocking stuffers. Especially if you can find fuzzy socks that are aloe-infused, this can be a surprisingly great gift for anyone.

Something relatively uncommon to give in a stocking is a portable charger. These are extremely useful, and can be recharged over and over to be used. This stocking stuffer is perfect for anyone who travels, and is great for those long car rides or flights when you don’t have a power outlet nearby.

Something relaxing

The holidays can become very hectic, so filling a stocking with relaxing and spa-like gifts will be highly appreciated for anyone who has been stressed lately.

Face masks are a great example of this. Often you can find a reusable face mask scrub, but even a single-use sheet mask will do the trick. These pair well with the chapsticks and hand creams that were mentioned earlier.

Candles can be very relaxing gifts, especially when combined with face masks. Most stores have candles, and it’s easy to find holiday scented ones as well. Finding a smaller candle that fits in a stocking will be no trouble this time of year, and anyone will love this gift.

If all else fails, get a gift card

If worst comes to worst, you can always get gift cards for your stocking stuffers. While these gifts aren’t as personal, you can’t go wrong with these.

While you can get specific restaurant, store, or iTunes gift cards, the safest option is a VISA gift card that can be used almost anywhere. This allows the receiver of the gift card to spend it on whatever they want.

Let’s be honest, no one is going to complain or be disappointed by a gift card.

Mix it up!

The key to stocking stuffers is using a variety of them! It’s best to pick a few different kinds, and before you know it, your stockings are stuffed.

We recommend picking one gift from each different group so you end up with a well-rounded (and well-stuffed) stocking. For example, you could get a perfume, candy, a card game, socks, a candle, and a gift card.

Various items like this will help avoid the worry of it appearing that you spent too much or too little. With one sentimental gift, one low cost, something playful, something useful, something relaxing, and the classic gift card, your stocking is perfectly complete!

Just be sure to mix it up with a variety of items. No one wants 5 mugs, just like no one wants 5 ornaments or 5 chapsticks. Don’t choose one gift and go overboard with it. Keep it varied!

The art of stuffing a stocking is easy, quick, and relatively affordable in most cases. If you’re still at a loss for what to get for your stocking stuffers, think of what you’d want to receive. Would you want a snow globe or a gift card? Would you be happy to have both? We would!