Unfortunately, having amazing products and services isn’t all you need for a successful business. Even advertising on billboards, websites, and through Google Ads won’t always have you smoothly sailing into higher sales, if it isn’t reaching your target audience.

Something important to understand when marketing a business is that the customers won’t often come to you. Sure, they might click on a link that takes them to you, but you may have to find them first. Especially if you’re a new business that most people aren’t aware of.

You’ll need to focus on creating brand awareness within your audience. This is where social media can be your best friend.

Here is how you can use social media to grow traffic and sales for your business:

Pick the right platform

These days, people that fall into all types of demographics are on social media. While younger generations tend to spend more time on Instagram and Snapchat, the older generations are more active on Facebook.

This is very important to understand when utilizing social media for your business. You may be advertising with high-quality, effective content, but if it is on the wrong platform or not reaching enough of the right people, it is a waste of time and resources.

Let’s say you are selling baby products, and are looking to sell to mothers of newborns. While the average age of a first-time mother was 21 in the 70s, today that age has increased to 26 years old, according to the New York Times. Therefore, your target market is new mothers who are 26 or older.

While under 60% of people age 25-29 use Instagram, almost 90% of them use Facebook. This means that you could potentially reach a lot of your target market through Instagram, but you would clearly have much better results if you focused more on Facebook.

Post the right content

Any content that you post on social media, whether it is an advertisement or direct post from your company’s page, should be of the highest quality.

If you’re a high-end cosmetics company spending thousands on advertising, but the content you’re using looks like a photo taken on an iPad, let’s just say you’re going to lose a lot of money.

On the other hand, if you sell casual, basic clothing items at an affordable price, but you post photos of your basics next to Rolex watches and diamonds, audiences will be very confused. Even worse, your target market will be intimidated and it will push them away.

You definitely want to make sure that you’re posting content that accurately represents your brand. As well as the products and services you sell.

Post relevant content

Another thing to consider with your content on social media is that it needs to be relevant. If a social media post or ad matches your brand colors and has your logo, but has nothing to do with your brand itself, it won’t make any sense.

Imagine that you see an advertisement on Instagram for McDonald’s in their typical red and yellow brand colors, containing an inspirational quote about meeting your career goals. You’re probably going to be thinking, “huh?”, and most likely you’ll be pretty confused.

While this will attract attention, it won’t be the right attention. That’s because this content isn’t relevant to McDonald’s. Now if you see a photo of a new combo deal McDonald’s is offering at their locations, that makes more sense.

Make sure your content is always be focused on saying no more or less than what’s important. Draw the right kind of attention, that is relevant to your company.

Why it works

So you pick the right platform, and you post the right, relevant content, but what now? How do you know it’ll work? Will it actually grow your traffic and sales?

It isn’t guaranteed to bring every potential customer into your website or store, it’s going to be a step in the right direction at the very least.

This is because social media is one of the best ways (if not THE best way) to reach your target audience. Especially if that audience is on the young side. As mentioned earlier, even if your target audience is older, there’s still a good chance they’re on Facebook.

If you put a billboard up somewhere, you have no idea who will drive by, how many will drive by, and which of those people will even notice it or be impacted by it. That is a gamble that costs you, whether it grows your traffic and sales or not.

With social media, you are almost guaranteed to receive an increase in engagement. At the very least, more people will know of your business.

Even better, if you’re using social media advertisements, they might click on it and explore your page if not go straight to your website or store to explore further.

Social media is a sure way to reach exactly who you need to. This method also allows you to view things like insights, to see just how effective your ad or post is. It’s a great way to learn about what your target audience likes and doesn’t like, and improve future content.

If you’re selling a product, social media is a great way to spotlight it for your target audience as well. Link the webpage to purchase the featured product to the post. This makes it as quick and easy as possible for the consumer to buy from you.

Social media puts you right in front of the consumer and brings them to you. The next thing you know, they’re exploring your Instagram page, scrolling through your website, adding products to their cart, and checking out.

Before you know it, this strategy will grow your company’s traffic and sales. Even your customers will love your social media presence. It gives them a better understanding of who you are as a company. It also makes it much easier for them to browse and buy your products!

What are you waiting for? When’s the last time you used social media to boost your traffic and sales?